Welcome to Relegation - Nanaimo

relegate, relegated, relegating, relegates

1. To assign to an obscure place, position, or condition.

2. To assign to a particular class or category; classify.

3. To refer or assign (a matter or task, for example) for decision or action.

4. To send to a place of exile; banish. 

Relegation Tattoo operates with a fully disposable setup. Everybody gets a new, shiny,sharp needle! We operate above and beyond any and all health board expectations. Our artists excel in all styles from black and grey to portraits, Large color, Japanese to traditional, and of course cover ups. We are located at 502-5800 Turner Road, Nanaimo BC,. We are mostly scheduled by appointments but welcome walk-ins when we can. Come on in and check out our work in person.  

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New store hours effective immediately!

Hours of Operation:
Wed - Thurs - Fri: 11am - 8pm
Tues - Sat:11am - 7pm

Sun - Mon: 12pm-8pm